I am a Canadian artist in Calgary, Alberta, working primarily with textiles. I'm curious, eccentric and just a little opinionated. Surrealist in thought, Fauvist at heart, this is my almost daily art journal, eccentric and eclectic, explorative and absurd.

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albedo: chronicles of concupiscientia oculorum 



"this site expires in 10 days"

Cancelled, stopped, leaving.

Going back to WP.

That means this one here will be GONE. Disappeared. Vanished.

Vanquished and extinguished.


cancelled due to a lack of interest

This website never got very many hits: not sure if it's the platform, or me, but whatever. I moved back here because of an inadvertent censoring by WP (which *did* get fixed), but *this* blog has had more than its share of glitches, and i ain't paying for that kind of service.

Some of the posts i consider "worthy" are being moved back to my WP blog. This one will disappear at the end of this month, so if you're so inclined, please head over there and follow.

Or not :)


it's all over 



and it'll all be over *here* at the end of April, as again i am "closing" this blog.


lichen love!!!!!!!!!!!

Clicking on the photo will take you to more info on the blog i'm really using :)


Buy Art: it's good for you!


Some hand poetry in the shop, as i clear shelves and spread the joy:)

A very very big thanks to those who have already "colllected" me!

And yup, i'm blogging pretty much all the time over here.


Good news

Popping in for a minute "Strange Soul Take Flight" is now officially paid for fully, and will be going to her new home this weekend, though she will still have a visit at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln Nebraska, for her debut in the Drought Exhibit. She's hanging on my living room wall so i can enjoy her as long as i can before shipping. Will be very sad to see her go, but very glad she has a great home and that someone has the faith and support for my art. Thank you, "You Know Who You Are"!


I am blogging pretty much all the time at the "old" WP blog, as this one is too problematic.



 click on it, sweetie, you know you want to


deadlines and flow, or flowing deadlines?

How much do *you* expect from *yourself*???

All of a sudden, i have a lot of deadlines to meet. I chose to do these projects, but last night realized that there has to be a point where you just can’t physically or mentally keep going in such mad tandem with yourself.


The rest of the story is here--sorry to send you somewhere else again, but this site is a pain in the bazotski sometimes to post properly.......


back and forth, make up my tiny little mind

I just had a couple of days where i did no stitching, but i think i needed a break, and anyways got plenty of other nothings done :)

Last night i *almost* completed the second panel for Ebb and Flow. These pieces are not going to look that different probably, unless you see all of them together!

Sigh, go to the WP site to see the entry.


overflowing, or how i prep for new work

Pretty bad, eh?

It gets worse.

There's not barely room to sit, never mind stand.

So i've been working on the corner of the couch as i usually do.

Not much of an improvement.

Sunday will be clean up day. Everywhere.

Posted in "Fiday Finds" because maybe i *can* find things in here then.